Order of Shadow History

Idafab a posted Jul 13, 12
October 2001:
DAoC Launches. A new concept in MMOs at the time.  The Lancelot server was among the highest populations at launch.  The gauntlet was thrown down, the first realm on the first server to get all three relics.  Merlin had a head start.  

Meanwhile, back on Lancelot server.  Moller and his PPE crew were crushing the other two realms in PvP.  Hibernia was full of ex-EQ "elite" guild drama.  Albion was kind of stuck in between.  Hib began to organize guilds and catch up to Midgard's early advantage, taking all three relics and becoming the first realm on the first server to do so by 1 day (Mid Merlin took all three 8 hours after we did).  

During those months, huge battles and rivalries formed.  Albion had Xavory, Tidus, and Calypso as the most dreaded.  Midgard had Moller's crew and too many to name.  Hibernia had Tyndal and too many to name.  There were victories and defeats, but one thing we all agree upon is that the bond of friendship was strong even among rivals.

March 2002:
Xavory, Tyndal, Tidus, Dravore, and Ray (Shinobi) discuss via IRC the idea of a "superguild", taking the best from each realm on lancelot and dominating another server.  Xavory for some reason, has the idea that a role playing server would be a good place to do this, because this was an experiment and the thought that role players were bad gamers and it would be more enjoyable to kill them, repeatedly.

April 2002:
7 people from different realms, rivals who became friends from lancelot server, asked a level 7 troll that was walking around the midgard capital of Jordhiem.  This level 7 troll did not speak english well named "Deperadora" (infamous now as DEP).  Some random thought named this odd experiment as [Order of Shadow].  Consequently, "dep" was kicked out of the guild two days after because of really odd comments in guild chat, and later moved realms to Albion to harass Boric's guild [Sacred Fury] endlessly.  

Ray (Shinobi) recruits lance midgard's most notorious: Moller, Alestaria, and more.

Xavory recruits lance albion's most notorious: Laudog, Thrashall, and more.

Tyndal recruits lance hib's most notorious: Obscenity, Delsenora, and many more.

Recruitment goes viral.  The call to arms of only the most notorious, most "slutty", most hardcore PvPers to join.

June - November 2002:
The guild experiment on nimue was a success, but DAoC began to lose people's interest.  Specialty servers were created like DAoC PvP Servers (andred / mordred) with less restrictions on player killing.  The guild begins to expand to other servers, experimenting with the paradigm "respectful rivalry, makes for stronger allies".

Guild members come and go, but everyone stays in touch on the forums.

December 2002:
DAoC releases the Shrouded Isle expansion.  Many return to nimue that had taken a break from playing there or quit the game completely.  This fluctuation lasted for years, as people returned, joined, and quit.  Real life called, gaming addiction called you back, but everyone stayed in touch on the guild forums.

March 2003:
A new MMORPG named Shadowbane is released that allows for free for all PvP.  Guilds create their own cities and fight for dominance.  The concept was hugely enticing but the execution of the game mechanics were flawed horribly.  OoS had modest success in Shadowbane, but due to the technical problems and hardcore game-play, not enough members stuck with the game to dominate.  Those that did play for a few months have very fond memories.

June 2003:
A new MMORPG named Star Wars Galaxies is released within the context of a sci fi genre.  A very promising amount of publicity drew many players to this game when Sony Online Entertainment released it.  Members of OoS were in the beta test and the guild formed when the game was released.  Due to real life and over expectations for the game itself, not many stayed playing SWG for long or consistently.

Some members stayed and joined other guilds after OoS dissolved there.

October 2003:
A new MMORPG is released named Lineage 2 and a DAoC expansion is released named Trials of Atlantis.  In Lineage 2 - OoS was very active and dominate early on, we did a lot of PvP and content, grinding harder then the much larger asian guilds.  OoS found the restrictions on player killing to be annoying after a while and the guild dissolved in that game quickly.  

Meanwhile, many return to DAoC Nimue to experience the new expansion.  Thus, continuing the fluctuation of the guild.

November 2003 - July 2004:
The continued fluctuation of the guild in various forms on different DAoC servers.  Xavory, Fleen, Bizi, Dravore, Tarraos, and Succibi, and many more.

August - October 2004:
DAoC releases a free content update patch which completely reworks the frontier in which the 3 realms fight, and changing the realm abilities that players can achieve.  During this time Order of Shadow was the number 1 guild in Realm Points on Nimue, MLF, and Guinevere.

November 2004 (Early):
A new MMORPG named Everquest2 is released which draws a large group of OoS members to focus on PvE raids.  Later on Everquest2 releases PvP servers which prolong the guild's enjoyment of the game for many months off and on.

November 2004 (Late):
A new MMORPG is released named World of Warcraft.  OoS initially forms a guild in this game.  The early game in WoW lost many people's interest.  When OoS finally dissolved, members who were still interested in WoW went on to other dominate guilds like Relentless etc.  

January 2005:
A few returned to DAoC to continue the tradition of competition and being the top pvpers.  Xavory, Kawn, RedTide, Korak, Waterman, Shoto, Thorad, to name a few.  But between people losing interest, people getting pregnant / having kids, or other real life events, time always won in the end.

Within this era of the guild, DAoC released the classic servers, which had the last expansions disabled.  This brought many guild members back to the game for another round of gaming fun.

April 2005:
A new MMORPG is released named Guild Wars.  A small group of OoS played on and off for a few months, but due to game mechanics, many did not stay.

May 2005 - 2008:
During this three year period many guild members took real life breaks from gaming.  New MMORPG's were far and few between, and many guild members returned to past games; WoW etc.

January 2007:
A new MMORPG is released named Vanguard from SOE.  OoS initially dominated the server, but the game had severe technical and balance issues on launch which prevented any longevity.

May 2008:
A new MMORPG is released named Age of Canon.  A small group of OoS played this game on release and dominated until the game mechanics and imbalance of classes was not tolerable.

September 2008:
A new MMORPG is released named Warhammer Online.  This game was created by the same people who created DAoC, but that game studio (Mythic) was purchased by EA (the evil empire).  This game had huge promise, but it started to fall apart as soon as it was released.  OoS made a call to arms, and a large guild formed.  Many server firsts and PvP fun during this time.  The game mechanics had huge flaws that prevented many from staying long.  The guild continued to dominate off and on in Warhammer for months.

September 2009:
A new MMORPG is released named AION.  Order of Shadow dominated their server in AION but lacked end game content, and had serious game mechanic flaws.  There was also a huge server population imbalance between the 2 factions, and of course OoS was playing the underdog for a long time.  Many new friends were forged in Aion; ex. the revolution crew with InfamousB.

July 2010:
A small group of OoS started to play a game called Runes of Magic.  This game was the first Pay-2-Win MMORPG that the guild members played.  The game's model was that the more real life money spent the more powerful your individual character could become (with no limit).  OoS members took over a small guild named Chimera on a server that had never won any of the ranked Guild vs. Guild battlegrounds.  

Within a month, Chimera became the number 1 guild for months.  To this day, Chimera is still ranked as number #13 Guild of all time in Runes of Magic.  Some guild members spent a small fortune to create the most insanely overpowered characters ever seen in an MMORPG.

March 2011:
A new MMORPG is launched named RIFT (belmont server).  Order of Shadow dominates when the game is released, having many server firsts in HK, ID, and 10 mans.  The guild dissolved after a strong raid presence in July 2012.

December 2011:
A new MMORPG is released named Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).  Order of Shadow returns to the tradition of competition and domination, as well as making new friends out of rivalries.  Bizi is the server first level 50.  Tidus almost becomes the first non-asian to die playing four days straight. OoS dominates in warzones.  Bioware continues to make mistakes in decision making to keep the player base active and growing.  

OoS Rated Team goes 176 wins and 4 losses before competition goes stale.

August 2012:
Guild Wars 2 Launches - to be continued...


A Timeline for OoS: Narration by Xavory (original perspective)

October 2001:
DAOC launches. Much action. Obs took relics, Moller PKd everyone with his high lvl group, I killed Tyndal alot.

March 2002:
Xavory, Tyndal , Tidus, Dravore and Ray(Shinobi) discuss via IRC or Messenger the idea of a "superguild" with all our members. I get the bright Idea that the RP server would be a good place to do this, cause Roleplayers were bad gamers and it would be more enjoyable to kill them, overall.

April 2002:
We form Order of Shadow with 7 people from Lancelot and a lvl 7 troll I found in Jordhiem that did not speak English named Deperadora. (Yes, it's THAT Dep.) Kicked Dep after 2 days cause she was just fucking weird. She then moved to Albion to harass Boric non stop. Ray recruits Moller, Alestaria and Delsenora(?) along with a few other Lance-Mids. I bring over Laudog , Thrashall and a few other Lance-Albs. Tyndal recruits Obscenity, who then brings THE ENTIRE FUCKING REALM OF LANCE-HIB AND HALF OF THE PEOPLE STILL PLAYING EVERQUEST TO NIMUE.

June-July 2002:
PvP servers launch. Few of us go there for a few months. I move to Tennessee and don't play for a while.

December 2002:
Shrouded Isle expansion Ships, I return to Nimue to play a Savage along with many people that had taken a break or quit. Mass PLing in the expansion zones. Stuff.

March 2003:
Shadowbane is released and a dozen or so OOS go there for a few months.

May 2003: I go play Star Wars Galaxies with Shining Force and it sucks.

October 2003: Trials of Atlantis released. Many of us again return to Nimue to experience the content that was Trials of Atlantis.

Here the timeline is fuzzy. Sometime between ToA launch and June 2004, A group of us branched off to Morgan Le Fay/Albion. We recruited Bizi(2h Paly LAWL) and a few others with Myself, Fleen, Dravore, Tarraos and Succibi.(poor Dravore had just made 50 for the first time on ANY toon on ANY server the day we decided to move to MLF). We had very low success rate 8v8 due to some INSANE Hib 8 man groups that we could not counter. In August of 2004, The New Frontiers patch arrived, changing the layout of the frontier and also revamping all the Realm Abilities. From then on, our group began to dominate MLF 8v8. We trashed the same guilds that had been rolling the server(the ones that didnt quit in the first week that is) and eventually held the #1 RP per week slot on MLF. I noted that for a while, Moller's group held the #1 spot on Nimue while we had it on MLF, something I don't think has ever been done by another guild(citation needed).We did the same thing on Guinevere/Hib just for funz with some success there as well.

November 2004:

 WoW released and many of us went there. We did not play long, perhaps 2 months.

Eventually I returned to Nimue to make what we called the Godmode group (3x Banelord Troll Zerkers makes me wana pee just thinking about it) with Kawn,Red,Korak,Waterman,Shoto,Thorad, myself and someone else(Lahen or Fleen maybe?) This was a time of great joy for the 8v8 community. We raped many, until Kawn got pregnant. After his retirement and Redtides retreat into the gaming closet, many of us went to the classic server to try it out. I stayed there for a year at least with OOS and other 8v8 guilds, and then starting an all stealthers guild on one of the classic servers which lasted for a year.

2004 - 2011:
Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, Aion, Runes of Magic (Obs post a summary of what happened here!), WoW, Hello kitty online, Warhammer, Lineage 2

Runes of Magic: up to this day Chimera (the name of the guild we were under) we are the #13 guild in the Hall of Fame of all times... even 2++ years after we stopped playing:

129651: Valkyrie (Govinda)
48601: Legacy (Artemis)
25651: Tainted (Artemis)
21193: Ragnarök (Reni)
19573: Convocation (Reni)
19283: Nocturne (Artemis)
18751: Core (Osha)
17616: Warwagon (Govinda)
16726: Impenetrable (Grimdal)
16225: Pandemic (Artemis)
15846: Yamawaka (Govinda)
11867: Chimera (Indigo) <<<<
11841: Superbad (Artemis)
10698: Wanted (Reni)
10320: Shadowcasters (Govinda)

we went 26 wins and 1 loss... I'm sure we would have been higher if had continued. Good times.


20 consecutive wins Achieved
(2010-08-26) -> (2010-09-20)

"Ranked #1 (US Servers)"
#1 Rank Achieved

Runes of Magic was some of the most interesting MMO gaming I've ever experienced. For those that don't know, you spent RL money for gear and in game gold. Obscenity spent around $15,000 on the game, giving him the most powerful character ever created in an MMO. He got into a war with this guy and his girlfriend over something, and put a RL bounty on the girlfriends gear to all Stealthers on the server. She was afraid to leave her house for a week, after which she quit the game. The boyfriend went on a rampage (they were two of the highest geared toons on the server prior to us showing up) and tried to hunt Obs down in his full gear ,calling him out to fight 1v1 in general chat. Tidus and I (stealthers) saw this as a good opportunity to inflict insult to injury, and gangbanged him to the toon of about $600 worth of his gear, after which he cried IRL then quit the game.

RoM was the most imbalanced game I've ever played, but the RL money aspect put the PvP on a whole different level.

March 2011: Rift launches, OoS roles on Belmont. Server firsts on several raid bosses in HK, ID and 10 mans.

Dec 2011: SWTOR launches, members of new and old join the battle. Bizi server first Level 50. Tidus plays for 4 days and almost dies due to dehydration. Bizi laughs. Lots of PvP. Rated PvP comes out and a record of 176 wins and 4 losses follows.

August 2012:
GW2 Launches......

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